Wine Appreciation Courses

Our 8 week Wine Appreciation Courses run within the NUI Galway Adult Learning Centre.

This course is designed for people who wish to learn about a wide range of wines, while developing their wine tasting skills. This course is structured to give you an extensive knowledge about the world’s great wine regions, grape varieties and wine styles.

It is ideal for both wine enthusiasts (from seasoned wine lovers to newbies) and wine industry professionals. You will explore the ‘systematic approach’ to wine tasting and discover the factors that impact style and quality through tasting wines that have been carefully selected.

You will taste a diverse range of wines and learn how to describe these wines with confidence. By the end of the 8 session course you will be more confident when tasting wine, have a more developed palate and sense of aroma, be able to identify common wine faults, have an added insight when selecting wines (will know what to look for in a wine) and know the history and key characteristics of the major wine regions.

*The next course period starts on January 2021.


Centre for Adult Learning and Professional Development, NUI Galway

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