Kutman Wine Museum

I made my trip for seeing the old wine-making tools to Kutman Wine Museum, which is located in Mürefte.

Mürefte is a small town within the borders of Tekirdag province. It does not take long to reach from Istanbul to Mürefte, it might take three hours at most.


When grapes are harvested they come with MOG (Material Other than Grapes) and berries are unsuitable for quality wine production. The term MOG covers a range of things including snails, snakes, worms, insects, cameleons and other type of foreign materials. It may also include stems (if the winemaker does not want stems in the must) and leaves. Removing MOG reduces levels of tannin and other flavor contaminates in the wine. That’s why it was necessary to use a MOG sorter even for winemaking in the past.

This tool is manufactured in France and used when the electric motors wasn’t widespread in Turkey. This MOG Sorter was working with manpower and the guy who rotate the wheel should have been the most strong man in the wineries, that’s why his salary was slightly higher than others. An electric motor was added to this MOG Sorter after electricity was connected to Mürefte in 1968.


The crusher is a device used to crush wine grapes. The grapes were being weigted and placed to the basket of crusher by a worker and the wheel was rotating by manpower. This crusher was used for the last time in 1958.

This crusher had an output for being connected to the pumps and it was manufactured by a French Company (Foulograppe). It was used for the first time in 1972 in Kutman Winery.



A wine pump is a device used to move wine between barrels and other winemaking equipments in wineries.





Filtration is a technique used for clarification and microbiological stabilization of wine. This tray type filter was being used with cellulose between two sieve layers inside. This filter was manufactured in 1964.

WINE FILTER (Cylinder Type)

A cloth bag was being placed of the cylinder type of filter after absorbing the cellulose. Basicly, cellulose was used for blocking the pores of the cloth bag for reducing permeability.


A wine press is a device used to extract juice from crushed grapes during wine making. There are
a number of different styles of presses that are used by wine makers but their overall functionality is the same. A basket press consists of a large basket filled with the crushed grapes. Pressure is applied through a plate that is forced down onto the fruit. This wine press was used for the last time in 1958.

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