House Wine

Today there are many thousands of enthusiasts making wines many of which are comparable, or even better than, commercial products. Standards are steadily rising and many winemakers are making wines of such high quality, that they are only too happy to share them with absolute pride. And me too, I always wanted to make my own wine, and finally I produced it on Harvest 2015.

First of all, it is very important to sterilize all the equipment. I used 3 of 19 liters carboys, 2 of them were for Cab. Sauvignon and the other was for Cab. Franc. After separations of grapes from their clusters, I filled two thirds of carboys with the grapes, and then added 1,3 ml of SO2 (5%) and 0,5 gr of Lafase Grand Cru. I mixed them nicely, and I half filled the airlock with water and insert it into the bung to seal the carboy. After leaving the grapes one day in the room temperature, I dissolved 2,5 g of yeast (Laffort-F33), and 4 g of Dynastart in 40 ml of water, and added into each carboy. Until alcoholic fermentation is completed I rolled over the carboys 3 times in a day. It is very important to check the density and temperature 3 times in a day to screen the fermentation. Please see the density-temperature graphic below. At the end of alcoholic fermentation I added 1 g of Extralyse. Alcoholic fermentation was done in 20 days and the next step was for malolactic fermentation. For the preparation MLF addings, I used 0,15 g of MLF bacteria and 0,65 gr of Extralyse, left it for 12 hours in a sealed/sterilized jar, and added into each carboy. Until MLF is completed I screened the process every two days with the MLF and VA analysis. MLF was completed about 3 weeks and at the end the wine was drained and pressed. After that, 9 ml of SO2 (5%) was added. The output of all the process was 16 liters of wine. The wine was filtered with a cotton cloth and then bottled. *All the quantity of additives was for one carboy.

Now, the time was for creating my label. Absolutely, it was one of the enjoyable part of the all process. The name ”A WINE IDEA” was in my mind for so long, so it was the right time to put it on my own label. Tyneside Brigde in Newcastle upon Tyne was insprired me to create the logo, but this time, a bridge was in the role of being a roof of the house.


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