A WINE IDEA is based in Galway and offers wine appreciation courses, wine tastings, workshops and wine consultancy that are ideal for both wine enthusiasts and wine industry professionals.

It has been always said that wine is a combination of science & art. One without the other will never create a great wine. We aim to celebrate both the science and the art here at A WINE IDEA.


A wonderful, knowledgeable, personable host. Sevgi shared her expertise generously and her presentation was very well put together. I had never attended a wine tasting course but had always wanted to. Delighted to see it being held in my own city in Galway! The value for money was unbelievable. Not only did I learn about … Continue reading Barbara Nic Dhonnacha

Barbara Nic Dhonnacha

Sevgi is very knowledgeable and presented her information well, in a very enthusiastic way and is obviously very passionate about the topic and provided a nice array of wines for discussion with the group. I came away from the evening much smarter than I arrived, and Sevgi’s approach and personality made for an unpretentious and … Continue reading Donal O Dwyer

Donal O Dwyer

Sevgi is a delightful young lady and everyone liked her very much. Her powerpoint presentation about Turkish wines was really helpful because everything was written down on the screen. There was a lot of interaction between presenter and listeners and we had questions being asked all the time and Sevgi had all the information that … Continue reading Edna Higgins – Welwyn Wine Society

Edna Higgins – Welwyn Wine Society


Sevgi Tüzel
Oenologist & Viticulturist, Founder

Sevgi’s passion for wine begun while she was studying food engineering in one of the wine-producing regions of her native Turkey. Following her graduation, she chased her dreams and started to work as a winemaker in her home country. She obtained her MSc in Oenology & Viticulture from the Montpellier SupAgro and Hochschule Geisenheim University. Mosel in Germany, one of the most respected wine regions, is where she experienced the practice of growing grapes in the extreme steep-slope vineyards. Later, she conducted research for her postgraduate study about the wine market in Ireland. Currently, she provides wine education and consultancy through her company A WINE IDEA based in Galway.

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